Friday, August 26, 2016

IndyFringe16: Holy Butts in Seats! Meet IndyFringe's Superheroes Lola and Kevin Elkins!

We are pleased to introduce IndyFringe's Superheroes, Lola and Kevin Elkins!

This power duo has an extraordinary super power: they see a whopping 48 shows per festival! BAM! This year they will see 38 because they decided they needed to eat. Even superheroes get hungry! (How about some food trucks on Mass Ave, already?! Pizza by the slice, sliders, tacos, anything!) 

Lola and Kevin have been attending IndyFringe theater festival for about five years, six including this year, so between the two of them, that means that come Sunday night, they will have seen an astounding 556 shows between the two of them! KAPLOWIE! That would be the equivalent of filling the IndyFringe theater five times over and some change! ZLONK! Talk about Standing Room Only!

So who is this power duo? Like all superheroes, they don't give away their secrets, but they managed to squeeze us in before the evening's festivities began, leaving us with a few clues:

They live in Brownsburg. They both grew up in Indy. They love Indy because it's a big city that feels small. They are long-time theater fans and especially love musicals. At various times they have been season ticket holders to Broadway Across America, the Civic Theater, Theater on the Square, and The Phoenix. 

They discovered IndyFringe by accident. One night while hanging out at The Pub on Mass Ave, they suddenly heard a commotion from across the street and spotted alien-like creatures cavorting and carousing! (Some were eating fire like it was a food truck taco! Get some tacos down here already!) 

Those weren't aliens! Those were Fringe Artists in the IndyFringe beer tent! POWIE!

They approached cautiously at first but were warmly greeted by one of the very fine-looking gentlemen bartenders who explained this fascinating scene. Lola and Kevin downed their beers and dispatched immediately to the nearest participating theater, and they've never looked back.

While they love most of the shows they see, a couple have stood out over the years:

$3 Bill's Schoolhouse WRONG! and Ben Asaykwee's My Name Is. (Both of their fathers are veterans. Their son's girlfriend is also a veteran, so they took her to the show too.) "We love anything by Ben!" they said.

This year their favorites thus have far have included I'd Like to See More of You, Hold on to Your Butts, Sleeping Beauty, The Indiana Squirrel Stampede, Haul & Oatz: Time Traveling Detectives, An Alien of Extraordinary Ability, and The Juniper Tree. "We're saving The Circus of Joy for our last show so we're sure to end on a high note," they explained. "We just love Jason Adams!"

We think it is valiant that most of your favorite shows are by Indy artists, Lola and Kevin!

And with that, the clock struck 5:30--time for the power duo to swoop back down to IndyFringe to let off some steam after a long day at their respective jobs. (It's their cover.)

I did manage to get one snap shot of them. Be sure to say, "KABOOMJIE!" but don't blow their cover!

Superheroes Lola & Kevin Elkins. Mild mannered professionals by day, IndyFringe Superheroes by night!

Thanks to Bat-mania!, a blog about words that flashed on the screen while Bat Man and Robin beat on some bad guys, for helping with proper superhero terminology. 

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