Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Perfect Strangers: On the Road in St. Joseph, Michigan

Here are some photos of perfect strangers I took one Labor Day weekend in my beautiful hometown: St. Joseph, Michigan. I took these before the idea to capture the perfection of strangers took shape, so I invite you to create a narrative that explains what makes people so happy! Take it another step further: look for yourself in their smiles!

Grand Mere State Park, Stevensville, Michigan
I thought this looked love and happiness: nice and quiet. 
True Romance.

St. Joseph has its fair share of international visitors. Here are some lovely ladies who improve the already stunning scenery!

Dad? Big brother? Uncle? Doesn't matter. We're all kids at heart when we're on a beach.

Walking along the pier is a favorite simple free past time in my hometown! As a matter of fact, my Grandfather, Heinrich Koch, helped build this pier!

Back when the Silver Beach Museum was still a museum. Here is a lady who has inspired me--all dressed up with somewhere to go: a carousel! Beautiful smile, pretty lady!

This guy wouldn't talk to me unless I have him 25 cents, and I didn't have any change.

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